Life Principles: Multiplication


September 21, 2012

Last month we began looking at the six Life Principles, identified by Fredric Vester at the end of the last century. These principles, found in nature, can be applied to our life and ministry to increase the potential for health and growth. Last month we looked at Interdependence.  This month we pick up the next life principle, Multiplication.

Locust multiply quicklyWhen we look at nature, we can quickly identify the principle of multiplication at work in God’s creation. Nature in all forms continues to reproduce and most of the time it is in multiples and many times it is in abundance. Locusts are infamous for their ability to multiply. And consider plants. They scatter their seeds abroad in abundance with the goal of multiplying themselves. They know that not all their ‘offspring’ will survive, so ensure survival and growth through multiplication. Even the largest of organisms do not grow endlessly but do replicate themselves for life to continue.

How does that translate into ministry? Utilizing the principle of multiplication means that we have to think in multiples. Instead of thinking about how we can add another leader or another client we need to think strategically about how to invest our energy so that the result is multiplication rather than addition. If we simply add and replace what is lost, we won’t experience optimum health and growth for our ministry.

As you make decisions, here are some multiplication questions you may want to incorporate into your decision process. If you are a coach, use these questions to help the leaders you coach to multiply the result of their efforts.

  • What opportunities might emerge if we multiplied our ministry outreach?
  • In which dimensions of our ministry are we adding rather than multiplying?
  • How am I multiplying my efforts by passing on my skills to others?
  • How are we operating in a way that is reproducible? Or not?
  • What aspects of our ministry are worthy of reproduction or multiplication?
  • Whom could I raise up as apprentices?
  • How could we develop multiple steams of income?

During the next month, ask multiplication questions as you make both ministry and personal life decisions.  The principle of multiplication challenges us to move toward greater potential.

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