Call for Data--Researching Themes for Wives of Church Planters


September 12, 2012

Ron Boehm is a CoachNet-trained coach who is pursuing his Doctor of Ministry degree at Ashland Seminary.  For his project, he's studying church planter wives and the impact they have on the planting process.  You can get an idea by watching this video.

Here's where you come in:  Would you circulate the link below to spouses of church planters in your network?

Here's a quick note from Ron:

"Thank you for helping me research the factors that affect the many contributions church planter spouses make to the work of starting new churches. The survey has been published and I am beginning to get responses.

As a reminder to you and your organization, there are only five more weeks remaining until I close the survey and begin analyzing the results. I would like to get more responses than what I have at this point, so if you can encourage church planter spouses to respond, please do so."

Again, the link to the survey is:  Please share this link!
The deadline is October 15th.

If you'd lke to know more about survey or the research, please click here.

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