Building a Coaching Culture: Finding Good Soil…It’s All About Your Values


July 23, 2012

Good SoilIn building a coaching culture in your organization, we’ve discovered the importance of establishing a coaching program that leads to a functioning coaching system, which always involves effective training leading to successful competencies. 

However, these practices do not ensure a culture will develop any more than planting a seed ensures a great harvest.  For germination to thrive and produce ongoing fruit, the seed must find itself in an environment where it can succeed. To have the right environment in an organization there must be some foundational elements.

Remember, culture is defined: “Practiced attitudes and behaviors of a particular group”… the cultivation of the mind and heart.

Following the establishment of your program, system and subsequent training, there are a few essential “environmental” ingredients that always center on what you desire your culture to focus on the most.  In short, what do you value?  As it is necessary for every farmer to focus on identical basic values in creating an environment for growth, i.e. plowing, fertilization and irrigation…the same is true for anyone working to create an organizational culture.  So, what are those cornerstone values?

  • Establish Clear Goals:

It’s not just having specific goals in mind, but having goals that make sense to everyone, as well as goals that are easily measured.

  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate:

This cannot be overstated.  Everyone must be on the same page on every level in the organization.  To stay on that page, you will find that the vision must be repeated over and over.  As Andy Stanley so accurately states, “Vision Leaks!” 

  • Leadership Buy-In/Support:

In other words, those at the highest levels of leadership in the organization must not only have buy-in to the vision, but also values that are connected to that vision.  That means they are actively participating and promoting the process!

These are the basics needed in every scenario, and although these steps are not exhaustive - and on the surface seem simple - they do create rich “soil” for any coaching culture to sustain ongoing growth. It’s been my experience that if you forfeit these steps, you might as well sow your seed in a parking lot! 

In what way can you see the need for these steps in your organization?

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