Coaching a past-oriented person?


July 19, 2012

One of the best definitions of coaching is "a relationship with a purpose, focused on facilitating change.  But here's the thing about using that definition:  it's so future-oriented it runs the risk of leaving out a large portion of potential coaching clients.

The working distinction we use at CoachNet is that coaching focuses on future accomplishment, and counselling is oriented toward coping or managing the results (often the negative results) of some incident or situation in the past.  The same skills are used, but the outcomes are different.

The first step in getting a handle on what outcomes to expect is knowing whether the person you're working with is past or future oriented.  This ten minute YouTube video can help with this!

Want to learn more about how to walk the line between coaching an individual and conselling?  CoachNet's Advanced Coach Training is coming up in September at Ashland Seminary.  Rainer Kunz and I will walk you through an in depth package of tools that can help you focus on what is coachable (and what's not) and when to coach (and when/if to counsel).    And it all starts with understanding the person's basic orientation!

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