Moving from a coaching program to a coaching system.


July 16, 2012

In the first post in this series, we looked at how to launch a coaching culture as a program.

tractorSecondarily, we needed to move forward from just a presentation of a program to a system by which the program could actually be implemented.   We would need a coaching TRACTOR and a coaching PLOW, along with a coaching COMBINE to reap the harvest.  And then, we would need the fortitude to “get out in the field” to see the seed firmly in the ground.  But even then, there is still no guarantee for harvest. 

This is where growing “organically” becomes of utmost importance.  To have culture, you have to cultivate.  How well you cultivate your program, your system, your training and your implementation will determine quality of your “growing” environment. But, you cannot deny the fact that germination is a mystery.  It’s what we like to call the “God Thing,” because only God can bring about life.  So, does this mean our efforts are not important?  Of course they’re important.  Ask any farmer if his efforts make a difference and the answer is a resounding, “YES!”  

As you move to a system, you actually have to put less energy into the development.  People become a little easier to recruite.  As you have more coaches in your system, the pieces of coach training--coach mentoring, leading training, coordinating all the details of marketing your opportunities--are able to be spread through your leadership team. 

And that's the key piece--as you launch you coaching culture, you'll need the right people around you to help you lead!

You can be sure that the measure of your efforts will be the determining factor in developing a coaching culture in your organization, but we must never forget the God Factor.  God is the One who allows the seed of coaching to take root in the “minds” and “hearts” of spiritual leaders, and God is able to do that more successfully when we effectively cultivate our part of the farm.

Think “organically” when it comes to the development of a coaching culture in your organization.  Remember, although they are essential, it goes beyond programs and systems.  The importance of inviting God into the process cannot be overstated, nor our responsibility to cultivate to the best of our ability.  More on that later…


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