A Coaching Tool for Growing Generosity in YOUR Church


December 5, 2011

Understanding the relationship between teaching and coaching is a crucial component of facilitating change in any church, system or organization.  Teaching is the best way to off load information, to help a learner make connections, and to start down the road of changing thinking.  New insights often come from puncturing the equilibrium around an idea and forcing yourself to look at a familiar issue in a different way.  this is one of the key roles of traditional classroom teaching.

But, adult learning is usually more effective if it's accompanied by experience.  After all, you don't learn to play golf by watching instructional video!  Any life change makes more impact if it's accompanied by a chance to try out new behaviors.  Coaching is especially effective in pushing people to apply what they've learned.  That's one of the key applications of a good coaching system.

Teaching a Christian View Of Money coverThis is especially important in areas that are emotionally sensitive.  Stewardship & generosity is a good example.  It's very easy to let the emotional nature of a conversation about money lower the effectiveness of both a teaching and a coaching situation.  The quality of the teaching has be especially strong when the possibilities for an emotional reaction are stronger than normal, such as in a financial conversation.  Quality coaching has to focus on the content of the teaching, and not vary too widely into potentially sensitive areas.

So, there are two key areas to watch for:  1) outstanding tools for clear teaching and 2) a specific focus for your coaching relationship so that you keep your questions and action points connected to the teaching content. 

With that in mind, Teaching a Christian View Of Money:  Celebrating God's Generosity is a top quality, coaching friendly tool for unpacking the process of growing as a person of generosity.  The authors, Mark Vincent & Barbara Fullerton, have years of stewardship & generosity experience and have taught stewardship in the local congregation, denominational settings, and seminary environments.  Their combined wisdom and insight provides the kind of quality teaching that establishes a coachable foundation so that generosity in your church can really grow!  This new tool will become one of CoachNet's most recommended resources.

Here's where you can find Teaching a Christian View Of Money:  Celebrating God's Generosity  http://ht.ly/7NYmw

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