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September 27, 2011

There's a second insight from Patrick Lencioni's book Getting Naked that applies to coaches.

Getting Naked by Patrick LencioniOne of the key world rattling moments for the main character in Getting Naked comes when he realizes that the consultants/coaches from a competitor firm don't do the kind of prep work in preparation that his firm does.  The competitor consultants just jump in and start consulting.  More than once Jack Bauer--yes, that's the main character's name, and he's not the guy from 24--muses "they don't even have a plan in mind when they start working with a client…they just start the conversation and see where it goes."

That's a great lesson for coaches.  Too often, an intake process unnecessarily delays the real results that are possible in a coaching relationship.  Many coaches have confessed to me that they try to fit a potential coaching relationship into one of the boxes where they're most comfortable, rather than trusting the coaching process and committing to serve the client wherever the relationship takes them.  As a relationship develops, it becomes much easier to listen, ask good questions, and focus on action plans.  Trusting the coaching process keeps all the elements working in sync.

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