Coaching Axiom #10--Coaching is a front-end loaded process.


August 1, 2011

Over the next few weeks on the CoachNet blog, we're going to look at simple axioms that make for more effective coaching. Here's the next in our series of coaching axioms. For the next few weeks, we'll be walking through some of the best, short statements that apply to coaches and coaching.

Axiom #10--Coaching is a front-end loaded process.

The real fruit of a coaching relationship is often predicted by the launch of the relationship.  A solid intake process establishes a solid foundation on which results can be built.    The intake should accomplish at least three things:

1. The coach can assess whether he or she will be able to serve the client effectively.
2. The focus for the coaching relationship can be established.
3. All of the leader's questions can be answered.

Some coaches prefer to do some assessment, psychological testing, or to schedule multiple appointments for the relationship in the intake process as well.

This foundation allows each relationship to begin with a clear assessment AND a planned destination, which means from the very beginning of the first session, real results can be generated.  The likelihood of an effective first session is dramatically improved if some hard work is done on the front end.


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