Coaching Axiom #5--A powerful question that needs a setup, isn't.


July 15, 2011

Over the next few weeks on the CoachNet blog, we're going to look at simple axioms that make for more effective coaching. Here's the next in our series of coaching axioms. For the next few weeks, we'll be walking through some of the best, short statements that apply to coaches and coaching.

Axiom #5--A powerful question that needs a setup, isn't.
A preamble to a powerful question is the fast track to losing focus in your coaching relationship.  Long introductions are usually an indication that the coach isn't listening well.  What's going on behind the scenes is often a coach trying to choose a good question while filling the space in the conversation.  

The best questions come from a place of deep listening to what's happening in the conversation.  If you have to explain or set up your question, listen more closely.


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