Do I Need to Be Certified to Coach Leaders?


June 17, 2011

Put "coach training" into Google some time.  Millions and millions of results come up.  How do you pick?  How much training is enough?  For most leaders, the outcomes you're after will lay out the best path in front of you.

Are you looking to:

  • Change the culture in your organization/congregation?
  • Looking to provide basic skills for your church to make disciples?
  • Accelerate collaboration and productivity?
  • Develop your people and your teams in some unexplored areas?

If these are your goals, an orientation to the fundamentals of coaching could be really helpful.  

One key question will point toward certification level training (or beyond):  Would coaching make you more effective in your job/key role every day?   A related question would be "Are you looking for a financial benefit from your coach training--either improving your personal or corporate bottom line or as an additional revenue stream?"  If so, then certification is probably the right road for you.  (Shameless plug:  CoachNet can help with either option.  We'd love to talk.  Drop us an email.)


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