To Celebrate with Leaders...or Not to Celebrate


June 15, 2011

Often early in a coaching relationship, the celebrations you have are about small things.  Incremental improvements often are the first sign that a notable change is about to happen.  I think about a story I heard from a highly effective coach about how a journey toward a 75 pound weight loss began with here client buying the book they were going to work through in between appointments, but then going a little farther and "taking it out of the bag."  Or the congregation that was wondering why no one came to their sauerkraut supper any more noticing that they weren't in a German neighborhood any more like they had been 30 years before.

In both cases, the coach involved had to make a choice:  do I celebrate or scold these small realizations?  Always take the chance to celebrate.  You may have to correct some off-track thinking at some point, but never miss a chance to celebrate with someone you're matter how small or how early in the relationship you are.  Over time, an effective coach sees the scope and the frequency of your celebrations pick up.


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Excellent reminder Johnathan. It's so easy to celebrate small (but significant) things in the beginning . . . and then fizzle out over time instead of keeping the energy and focus up over the long haul. Thanks for this post!
Life Coach Dave at 10:51pm EDT - June 15, 2011

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