A Postcard from Reality: A warning for coaches & leaders


June 14, 2011

Snapshots and frames are helpful in coaching. But a postcard has both a helpful side and a dangerous one.  

postcardsThe helpful side is to use the postcard for it's intended purpose:  to send a message to someone who's not with you.  When chasing a leadership or change issue, sometimes it's helpful to loop an outside party into your progress. You might be looking for a celebration or for some additional accountability.  Maybe even some input.  A postcard is a great way to get the message out.  A postcard can even serve as a reminder to you of good times in life or ministry.

  • Who do you need to reach out to to celebrate?
  • Who needs a postcard to celebrate progress with you?
  • Who can you send a postcard to ask for accountability?

The dangerous side of the postcard comes out when the picture on the front of the card becomes the only acceptable outcome of the change you're trying to make.  This is the place you've got to get to...and anything less becomes an undesirable outcome, even if where you end up is a great place.  We often convince ourselves that only the dream is acceptable.  Here's the funny thing:  the pictures on postcards are often impossible to reproduce.  You may never be able to bring that image to life.  Without a deep connection to reality, whatever vision you're heading for is only going to result in disappointment.  Postcards can create a future that's impossible to attain.  Good coaches never let their clients go down that road.

  • What are you aiming fror that might be unrealistic?
  • What have you convinced yourself is the only acceptable option?
  • What other options might be out there?  How can you evaluate them?


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