Being Coached: One Leader's Story

By CoachNet Administrator

June 13, 2011

Recently, the CoachNet Team asked a leader we're coaching to talk to us about what's growing out of the coaching relationship.  Here's what Rev. Bill Pinches of Mason First Presbyterian Church in Mason, Michigan had to say:

"I love working with coaches.  I like working with coaches in my personal life and I like working with coaches in my professional life." 

"I especially like working with the good ones - the ones who challenge me, the ones who ask me the hard questions, the ones who hold me accountable to my own self-stated goals and intents, the ones who have a wealth of knowledge and resources at their disposal and who have the wisdom to know when to say what for the greatest possible benefit.  I like identifying goals, and then developing a structured process to make those goals become reality. 

"I like having an experienced voice of wisdom, reason, and knowledge from the outside who can be objective and frank and who can force me to be honest with myself about what's going well, what's not going well, and what I need to do differently to help make those goals a reality.  I like having access to a calm, neutral, caring, nurturing, and encouraging coach is standing right there with me in the thick of it all, gently guiding, nurturing, shepherding, and praying, so that I will be better equipped to do what needs to be done." 

coachnet icon"I like having Jonathan Reitz from CoachNet as our Natural Church Development coach, because he is all of that, and more.  Our church is changing and growing, in large part because we're following a disciplined process and Jonathan is helping us to make sure we stick to it.  We are truly blessed to be in partnership with Jonathan."

Ok coaches, where do you see yourself in Rev. Pinches description?   What are your strengths & weaknesses?

If you're being coached, does your coach do those same things?  What would you include in the description of an effective coach?


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