Coaching for the Right Next Step


June 9, 2011

Think of your most effective coaching relationship.  How do you know when you've found the ideal next step?

  • It has to come from the leader being coached. It can't come from you, the coach.
  • It has a timeline that gets it done before your next coaching conversation.
  • It helps you live out your values and moves you closer to your vision.
  • It raises the person being coached's energy and enthusiasm for the plan.
  • It provides an opportunity for celebration.

So, what's your next action step?

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Thanks Dave. You're right, the line between coaching and consulting gets crossed WAY TOO often!
Jonathan Reitz at 11:07am EDT - June 11, 2011
Great points Jonathan. We find with our coaching trainees that your first point - the next step has to come from the coaching client (ally, leader) not the coach!

This is an easy step to miss and vital to ensure that you are continuing to COACH, and not starting to CONSULT!

Great post, thanks for the encouragement and reminders!
Life Coach Dave at 10:10am EDT - June 11, 2011

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