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June 8, 2011

One of the 9 core coaching competencies in CoachNet Coach Training system is monitoring.  Monitoring takes a look at how intentionally you're making progress toward your goal or vision.  Monitoring means to evaluate and celebrate progress toward the accomplishment of goals and to make appropriate adjustments.  Without monitoring well, it's very easy to take your eyes off what you're trying to accomplish through your coaching relationship.

When you're using a frame for your coaching, monitoring is pretty easy.  The leader you're coaching assesses their progress BEFORE the coaching conversation even begins.  The leader walks into the conversation already having completed an assessment of how much they've been able to get done since the last conversation.  Shortening the distance between where you are and where you'd like to be is the goal.

A snapshot requires a little different approach.  The leader being coached assesses the current situation (What has gone well?  What hasn't gone well?  How am I changing?) individually prior to the session, but this is strictly an image of the current state of affairs.  Once the coaching conversation begins, leader and coach compare the current snapshot with the previous image.  The distance traveled between the two images is the only standard for monitoring progress.  

Think about it like this:  when using a frame, the key distance to monitor is how far you still have to go.  But when using a snapshot approach, the key monitoring distance is how far you have come.    When do you use each approach?  That's a topic for an upcoming post.

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