Fear is Infectious, but So is Courageous Leadership


June 7, 2011

You've got to make a choice as a leader:  will you be fear-driven or courage-driven?  This question will come up in every single coaching relationship you have.

Think about the leadership conversations you've had over the last month.  What happened after the ones where you listened confidently?  Presented your thoughts with clarity & passion?  Invited feedback from other key players?  Chance are, your courage fed the others in the conversation!

Now, remember conversations where fear snuck into your conversation.  Whether it was because of an uncertain future, a number of open questions, a lack of commitment to what needs to happen next, or some other reason, a leader's fear infects the people around them.

So what's it going to be?  Fear or courage?  How can you shift away from fear and toward courage?

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