What does CoachNet do?


June 6, 2011

One of the most commonly asked questions the CoachNet team gets is "What does CoachNet do?"  CoachNet is, at our core, a multiplication organization. 

You'll notice that "multiplication" is one of the three key words that tag a lot of the pages on the CoachNet site.   (Coaching.  Leadership.  Multiplication.)  Multiplication is the key output of everything we do.  Whether it's disciples, groups, leaders, ministry teams, churches or something else, using the tools & processes that CoachNet offers should result in more of them.

Coaching is our core process. Listening well, asking good questions, and drilling down to manageable action steps makes things happen in a multiplication process. Coaching starts the journey, but it's also the key approach at every step.

Leadership comes into the picture as the people who orchestrate the contributing factors for multiplication. You might think of leadership as deploying the right competencies to accomplish multiplication. What are the right competencies? Because the exact subset will be a little different in each situation, that's where coaching comes back into the picture!

CoachNet. Coaching. Leadership. Multiplication.

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