Discipleship: Right and in Good Order?


June 3, 2011

Wrestling again with the four key behaviors of a disciple...see them here, here, here, and here.

I think they are in the wrong order...instead of:

  • A disciple learns
  • A disciple talks
  • A disciple serves
  • A disciple multiplies

It should be:

  • A disciple talks
  • A disciple learns (whether it's in a book or in a conversation)
  • A disciple serves
  • A disciple multiplies.

Then again, maybe a disciple serves first...a compelling argument can be made that any of the first three can come before the others, but the end result is multiplication.  Any entry point will work.

ONE OTHER NOTE:  ALL of the behaviors happen in relationship.  That's a given.  You have to have some kind of relationship to talk to someone about your faith (even in prayer!).  The most powerful learning happens in a relationship.  Clearly there's a relationship in service (be careful not to abuse it).  And multiplication happens when the people of God come together God's way for God's purposes.  Relationship is key.

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