4 Behaviors of a Disciple--#4 A Disciple Multiplies


May 26, 2011

Today's discipleship behavior centers on the difference between a single changed life and a movement of changed lives.  The final piece of the Four Key Behaviors of a Disciple is the result of effectively combining the first three behaviors to lay the foundation of a movement.
Multiplication...what movements are made of.Behavior #4:  A disciple multiplies. LOTS of churches think that multiplication is the responsibility of the pastor.  If we take the priesthood of all believers seriously, multiplication becomes something for every believer to work on.  But that's scary!  That's why we have a pastor!  He/she went to seminary!  You can almost hear the uproar. 

The crucial role for a coach is understanding how to break the process of multiplication down into individual action items.  Each action step should stretch the disciple, but also remove the majority of the fear the disciple might be facing.  

Asking the right questions, listening well to the answers, and focusing on the next action step is an easy framework for coaching multiplication.  Think about coaching questions like:

  • Who do you know that you could initiate a spiritual conversation with?
  • What do you have in common with that person?
  • How can you deepen your relationship with them?
  • What can you do to help the other person feel safe?
  • What next steps could you help them take in their journey to know Jesus?
  • How can you help them move to a new place spiritually?
  • How can you listen closely to their story?
  • What of your experience can you share that would be helpful?


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