Four Behaviors of a Disciple--#3 A Disciple Serves


May 25, 2011

Most change initiatives center on 3-4 key efforts. Get those right, and the likelihood that your desired changes will actually happens goes way up. Coaching for discipleship is no different.

Focusing your effort on a few key behaviors will stimulate formative spiritual growth in powerful ways. While it's difficult to predict, exactly what growth will come from it (you know the whole "the wind will blow where it will" thing), directing your efforts toward the right things will definitely speed up progress. That's where the four key coachable behaviors of a disciple come to life.

Behavior #3: A disciple serves. The working definition of service we're using here is "any activity who's prime purpose is to make liftop of pop cane better for someone else". It's a generous activity...not about the server at all, on any level. (Of course, that's not to say that the one who serves is not greatly blessed, but just that the personal benefits are not main outcome here. They're a bonus.) One of the most fascinating things about God's kingdom is that meaningful growth opportunities demand that we focus our efforts on other people as much as on ourselves. God's funny that way.

Effective coaching for discipleship means evaluating your motivation for service AND asking whether or not your activity is actually making the other person's life better. Each small contribution to someone else restores a portion of God's kingdom. In many ways, service is the most tangible method a Jesus follower has to bring the Scriptures to life. The kingdom of heaven is at hand when you serve.

A coach can ask questions like the following to draw service opportunities out of the people you coach:

  • Who could you bless?
  • What areas of service really excite you?
  • How could partner with someone who also wants to serve?
  • How can you be sure that your service is really improving the other person's situation?
  • How can you assess your motivation, and ensure that you're focused on the other person?
  • What changes can you make to serve more effectively?
  • How is your service impacting your spiritual growth?


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Dear Sir,
I think I will be benifited through your service,I am involved in the Ministry which you are the best coach.God Bless.

Orissa Follow-Up
D.B.Hrudaya at 1:08am EDT - May 26, 2011

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