Three Steps to Keep Your Coaching on Track


May 20, 2011

ArrowCoaching is a deceptively simple process.  On the surface, it seems pretty fact great coaches use a skill set that most adults already have.  Where coaching gets tricky is understanding that coaching requires using those familiar skills in an unfamiliar way.  Here are three steps to keep your coaching simple and focused:

  1. Pinpoint where you are.  Think about this as your personal "You are here" sign.  Listening well and asking good questions gives you a very clear undertanding of your starting point.
  2. Choose a destination.  It's often pretty easy to see some options for where you'd like to be.  Got a vision?  Something you'd like to change?  Or a skill that would be helpful to learn?  Your destination is as simple as a mental picture of what it will be like when you've accomplished that result! 
  3. Shorten the distance.  One step at a time, figure out how you can make a little progress toward where you're looking to be.  Just make sure that your action steps actually are bringing you closer to your preferred accomplishment!

If you do these three simple things in your coaching, your relationships will help leaders make progress toward their agendas!  And you'll be an effective coach.

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