Why Change is So Hard.


May 18, 2011

When working on a change initiative...concepts are important, but story leads the way.

one way...one example...one storyIntellectually, it's tempting to say "we just frame out what's possible and people will rise to the occasion".  Not sure that actually works...or at least it only works  on rare, rare occasions.  But give people a story of how a similar change happened elsewhere, and watch the change gain momentum!

Think about the leader who draws strength from hearing what someone else did in a similar situation.  Or the parent who knows what to do with their kids in a particular situation because of a story from one of their peers.  Or even the confidence that can come from remembering something you yourself did in the past.  One story is often all it takes.

What's in your story?  This is an easy way to equip the people of Faith with the skills they'll need to do something for God's kingdom after you send them out, AND produce fruit for God's kingdom while you're equipping them.

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