What does "Missional" actually mean?


May 16, 2011

Plenty of buzz about the term itself...but as with any new--or unfamiliar term--missional needs some time to get clearly defined.  And to be honest, when you look around the church, there's a wide variety of definitions and applications of the word missional.

LOTS of people have used The Blues Brothers reference "We're on a mission from God."  (It's about 1:10 into this clip.) And at it's core, that's what missional is al about:  figuring out exactly how God would have you live, and then bringing it to life.  (Minus the gunshots, etc. that Jake & Elwood lived with.)

Maybe this will help:  the missional thing is a bit of a moving target.  It's really a lifestyle, and most churches aren't really equipped to help people live a lifestyle, nor are most folks really looking for any kind of lifestyle change.  The first opportunity is to define the lifestyle in behavioral terms.  So, the challenge becomes "What can we do today to  really energize this specific lifestyle?"

Lifestyles can be broken down to a collection of individual behaviors.  Got 1 or 2 you can work to change?

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