The Story Behind the New CoachNet Logo


May 4, 2011

When the new CoachNet site launched recently, you probably noticed a new logo.  The CoachNet Team has had quite a number of questions about the meaning behind the
image, so it's time to go behind the curtain!  

CoachNet LogoThe icon is build with two key parts:  a series of growing blue circles and a solid green curve.  Both represent specific parts of the coaching process. And as you'll see over the next few  weeks, the logo icon also can be unpacked a couple of additional ways to help understand two complementary approaches to coaching.  Watch for more about this in this space over the next 4-6 weeks.

Back to the basic logo:  notice how it begins with the blue and the green parts running in parallel.  Farther on, the blue & green diverge.  Think of the two paths as coach & leader.   Over time, the coach keeps a consistent presence--the green line--and the leader gains in skills & capacity--as denomstrated by the blue circles.  Growth happens, and the two paths move farther apart.  Look at the way the blue circles seem to fly on their own, especially at the top of the logo.  It seems to soar, very much like the leader does as a result of an effective coaching relationship.  The soaring impression hints at growth, whether it's obedient discipleship, focused ministry, effective leadership or continuous multiplication.  The alongside nature of an effective coaching relationship shows up in the logo, and so does the growth that comes from having a coach working with you.  

I know what you're thinking--if the logo is intended to depict a coach coming alongside to support growth and facilitate change, wouldn't it be better to have the blue part be a solid line like the green??  Well, we wrestled with that until it clicked that coaching isn't a continuous relationship.  Every coaching relationship is built on intentional conversations that are scheduled on a regular basis.  No one coaches the same person all day every day, but rather drops into the leader's life from time to time.  If the relationship is effective, there is growth from conversation to conversation.  So the blue part isn't solid, but rather shaped in a regular pattern and it gets larger from circle to circle to visually depict the growth!  

So, both coach and leader are on a repeatable path.  It takes both coach and leader to have a relationship.  At each appointment, the combination of coach & leader (with a dash of the Holy Spirit) work the coaching process and if healthy & effective, growth occurs!    And it's all depicted in the new CoachNet logo!  

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