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Who is your mentor? And what are they doing for you?

By Jonathan Reitz  |  January 7, 2014
A helpful illustration from music about the difference between coaching & mentoring.

How to Give Yourself the Best Possible Chance to Change in 2014

By Jonathan Reitz  |  January 3, 2014
How can you give yourself the best possible chance to actually change? A simple approach can make all the difference.

Merry Christmas from the CoachNet Team

By Jonathan Reitz  |  December 24, 2013
Merry Christmas from the CoachNet Team!

Details on cnPlus--the third phase of cnStandard

By Jonathan Reitz  |  December 6, 2013
Coming in January 2014, CoachNet is making huge changes to our core training opportunity. cnStandard is now broken into three phases. cnPlus is the third phase.

Details on cnEssential--the second part of cnStandard

By Jonathan Reitz  |  December 5, 2013
Coming in January 2014, CoachNet is making huge changes to our core training opportunity. cnStandard is now broken into three phases. cnEssential is the second phase.

Details on cnLaunch--the first part of cnStandard.

By Jonathan Reitz  |  December 4, 2013
Coming in January 2014, CoachNet is making huge changes to our core training opportunity. cnStandard is now broken into three phases. cnLaunch is the first phase.

Big Changes coming to CoachNet's Training!

By Jonathan Reitz  |  December 3, 2013
2013 was probably CoachNet's best year to date, but we're not satisfied. CoachNet is pushing for an even better 2014. And here are the changes we're looking forward to next year!

Are You a Star or Role Player? Your Results May Depend on It!

By   |  June 19, 2013
Role players often make a huge impact on a winning team, and knowing your role can make a huge difference in your effectiveness as a coach. Learn more in this post from Jonathan Reitz.

How to Answer a Question

By   |  June 18, 2013
Focusing your question on the units can lead to important details in your coaching. Jonathan Reitz explores.

The Question Every Effective Coach Should Ask..Before Every Session

By   |  May 22, 2013
What is the one key question that every effective coach should ask before every coaching session? Jonathan Reitz unpacks.

What Coaching Might Look Like for You

By   |  May 14, 2013
Here's an overview video that describes what coaching is capable of in an organization like yours.

How do you know if your culture is working?

By   |  May 9, 2013
What is culture? A simple definition can really help!

Are You In Motion? It Could Lead to Change!

By   |  May 6, 2013
Motion leads to least it makes it a lot easier!

How to Connect the Client's Story to Better Coaching

By   |  May 1, 2013
Where your client is in their larger story will make a difference in how you coach them. Jonathan Reitz explains.

What Does Your Favorite Movie Have to Do With Your Coaching?

By   |  April 30, 2013
The movies can provide a great road map to coaching effectively. Jonathan Reitz has more.

Momentum in Coaching

By   |  April 24, 2013
How do you gauge momentum in your coaching? Does it help? How are you making the most of it? Jonathan Reitz dives in.

Strategy & Tactics in a Coaching Relationship

By   |  April 18, 2013
Jonathan Reitz looks at the balance between strategy and tactics in a coaching relationship.

Small Changes that Lead to Big Reactions

By   |  April 16, 2013
What small changes can you make that would result in big changes? You might be surprised to learn what a new haircut or small wardrobe adjustment might do for your impact on the people around you. This is a great lesson for coaches. Jonathan Reitz has more.

Why I Only Coach By Phone

By   |  April 12, 2013
Jonathan Reitz only takes coaching appointments by phone. Here's why.

Coaching Lessons from Opening Day

By   |  April 9, 2013
My Cleveland Indians lost their home opener to the New York Yankees yesterday. It got me thinking about coaching. Jonathan Reitz makes some baseball-driven connections.

When bad coaching results happen to good coaches

By   |  April 8, 2013
How do you get a relationship that has drifted back on track? Here are six ideas from Jonathan Reitz

22 Ways to Be More Effective in Your Next Coaching Session

By   |  April 4, 2013
These ideas will help you become more effective as a coach...starting in your next coaching appointment!

Friends Don't Let Friends TRAIN Coaches

By   |  March 28, 2013
Coach training doesn't work. But coach development does. Jonathan Reitz explains.

Where Do The Best Coaching Questions Come From?

By   |  March 26, 2013
The best coaching questions come from one of two places--do you know where those places are? Jonathan Reitz looks at more.

Leaders who Coach (And Are Coached)

By   |  March 21, 2013
If you're trying to launch a coaching culture in your organization, every leader has to both be coached and be coaching someone else. Here's how.

14 Reasons Coaching is the BEST. THING. EVER.

By   |  March 19, 2013
During a recent coach training event with members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's (ELCA) coaching leadership team, the participants brainstormed 14 reasons why coaching is something every leader needs.

The Best Kind of Self-ish

By   |  March 13, 2013
In a recent post, we looked at three ways you can be self-oriented and have it benefit your coaching practice. But in this blog post, we're going to look at the most important self-orientation of all: self-regulation.

Sometimes, The Questions Will Surprise You!

By   |  March 12, 2013
How could a wacky question help you become a more effective coach? Jonathan Reitz ponders.

Say What You Mean

By   |  March 6, 2013
One of the biggest challenges a coach faces is to get their client to say what they actually mean, or actually want. Jonathan Reitz has more.

Three Self-ish areas in which you can grow

By   |  March 4, 2013
Three self-ish ideas to help you grow as a coach from Jonathan Reitz.
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