What Our Clients Say

CoachNet works to ensure that all of the individuals, leaders and groups we work with develop coaching skills to accomplish their mission and live out their vision.    Here are some things our clients have said after working with the CoachNet Team.

"I love working with coaches. I like working with coaches in my personal life and I like working with coaches in my professional life.   I especially like working with the good ones - the ones who challenge me, the ones who ask me the hard questions, the ones who hold me accountable to my own self-stated goals and intents, the ones who have a wealth of knowledge and resources at their disposal and who have the wisdom to know when to say what for the greatest possible benefit.   I like having Jonathan Reitz from CoachNet as our coach, because he is all of that, and more. Our church is changing and growing, in large part because we're following a disciplined process and Jonathan is helping us to make sure we stick to it. We are truly blessed to be in partnership with Jonathan & CoachNet."

Rev. Bill Pinches
Mason First Presbyterian Church
Mason, Michigan

"I am so glad that CoachNet is making the coaching tool available for free. This is a great contribution to the coaching world. I have had people who needed coaching decline the opportunity because of the fee. They were in situations where money was tight and they just couldn't see it as an investment. I am now encouraged to press some to be coached who were hesitant because of the cost involved. By the way, I have also tried to coach someone using a make-shift approach, and it is a lot more work just to maintain good, consistent communication and records. THANKS for the tool."
Ron Boehm

"CoachNet Global has been an outstanding partner in helping us in AGK to achieve our goals in creating a coaching culture throughout our district. In researching other organizations that provide similar services I believe that Jonathan and CoachNet Global are the best of the best."

Rev. Kevin Weaver
Network Development Coordinator for Coaching
Kansas District,  Assemblies of God


"CoachNet has transformed our process for multiplying ministries."

Rev. Dr. Kevin Wilson
MMF for New Missions and Southern Regions Ohio District-LCMS


"Coach Certification has had a big impact on my life and my job description.  It is very rewarding to me to hear the comments from the participants, for instance, “It’s amazing how quickly I am having an impact on the lives of my (two) coachees! What a great feeling that is!”  To be able to teach others how to have that positive impact is second only to the positive impact I am having on the lives of the people (apart from trainings) that I coach. It just plain feels good to know that in partnership with God, I’ve been able to help someone improve their life and/or move closer to the path they believe God is leading them to walk. He’s the one Who makes the difference; I just have the privilege of being a tool in His hands.  I can’t think of any job I’d rather have."

Runette Litzenberger
Certified Coach and Coach Trainer
NADEI - North American Division Evangelism Institute

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At CoachNet, we're committed to coaching, leadership & multiplication.  An intentional relationship with CoachNet--in a coaching relationship, a training environment or in one of our online communities--is designed to move you farther faster than you would get on your own!

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