Mission & Values


Coaching.  Leadership.  Training.  Multiplication.

Mission:  CoachNet launches & supports coaching cultures for multiplication.  We focus on leaders and leadership development to advance God's kingdom.  We will work alongside partners who have similar callings. (And it's more effective that way, not to mention more fun.)

Values:  CoachNet and the CoachNet Team are committed to living out this mission according to these values:

  • We are Christ Followers--We will unabashedly pursue kingdom purposes--in churches & the wider world.
  • We work in intentional relationships--Coaching is our core approach, but we're not opposed to the others.
  • Generosity Comes First--It's about you, your vision & your goals--because that gets us, as coaches & as an organization, to our vision & goals!
  • Multiplication marks our progress--CoachNet measures effectiveness in terms of multiplication, whether it's disciples, leaders, churches or movements.
  • We choose to be city-centric.--CoachNet will look to grow on a city-wide, multi-denominational scale. (Just like in the New Testament!)

Want to hear some of the things that people say about working with the CoachNet Team?  Click here for examples of how these values come to life.

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