Jonathan Reitz, PCC

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Jonathan ReitzJonathan Reitz has been CoachNet's Chief Executive Officer since 2009.   He's also CoachNet's primary trainer and the author of most of the training options that CoachNet offers.  Jonathan is a member of the Cleveland, Ohio chapter of the International Coach Federation and holds the Professional Certified Coach credential in the ICF.

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Here's Jonathan in his own words:

Addressing the leadership development challenge in the church and other organizations gets me up in the morning.  You know, sometimes it keeps me awake at night!” 

As a coach trainer, I work with leaders who want to coach their people to maximum potential and to start/build organizations/ministries that make a lasting impact while being financially profitable. I also wrote CoachNet’s cnStandard, which recently earned the ICF’s Approved Coach Specific Training Hours designation.

In my coaching practice I work with leaders who want to unlock their maximum potential and build lasting impact. I also help coaches develop their skills so their clients achieve more than they thought was possible. Mentor coaching clients to earn an ICF credential is also a focus.

My coaching & coach training background covers several different disciplines: I have worked with entrepreneurs starting their first business, corporate executives leading multi-national organizations, people on job searches after being downsized, pastors looking to grow their churches...even authors looking to over come writers' block!

PCC LogoI have spent over 4,000 hours coaching leaders and have trained over 500 coaches. I have been coaching since 1998 and hold the PCC credential. I expect to apply for my MCC in the next 6 months.

Leaders who work with me:

  • Develop more clarity on who they are and where they are going,
  • Design more effective action plans, - Live in more satisfying relationships, and
  • Get more done in less time.

Even though I've been doing this for almost 20 years, I'm still learning NOT to coach my wife and 13 year old daughter. My first career was in broadcasting (morning radio & television) and that's where I discovered coaching. After that I spent several years using my coaching skills in advertising, startups, and faith-based organizations.

Jonathan Reitz, PCC

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Years Coaching:  18
Years Training Coaches:  13
Role at CoachNet:  Chief Trainer, Practicing  Coach, Architect of CoachNet Training Processes


Reitz Office Phone: 1.440.550.4374
Skype: jonathan.reitz